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IM Graphic Designs Designers

IM Graphic Designs Designers and Artists

Ian Belanger

Owner/Head Designer Ian Belanger

Ian Belanger has worked as a professional web and graphic designer for 3 years. He is the head web/graphic designer here at IM Graphic Designs. Ian is a self-taught designer who is learning new skills everyday. If you need it, Ian can create it.

 Jerrod ForsytheLandon

Head Artist Jerrod Forsythe

Jerrod Forsythe has worked as a professional artist for the past 3 years. He is the head artist here at IM Graphic Designs. If you can think it, Jerrod can draw it.

Future Artist Landon

Landon is Jerrod’s son and he definitely takes after his father. He is 6 years old and has a very bright future as an artist. We will be sharing one of Landon’s drawings each week at Landon’s Corner. Check them out and share his talents with your friends.

Message From Ian Belanger

Here at IM Graphic Designs we pride ourselves on reasonable prices and quick turnaround times.

How do we achieve such low prices?

Well, unlike most companies that offer the same services we do, we are small. Only 2 employees including myself, the owner and our artist Jerrod Forsythe. Now, that does not mean that our work is low quality, No! Actually it is just the opposite. Since we are a small business, which is run out of my home, we connect with our customers in a way that no big company can match. When you contact us, you will be dealing with me, Ian Belanger, the owner and head designer. Whether it be by email, skype or phone, I deal directly with all of my customers. We do not outsource anything here at IM Graphic Designs, so you can be confident that you will get our full attention, because we appreciate each and every customer we have.

If you would like to experience the IM Graphic Designs difference, you can contact me using our Contact Page or give me a call at 207-858-5449 (I do not always have my phone on, so leave a message and I will personally return your call promptly). You can also email me directly at belangeri@mail.com or skype me, my username is ianbelanger79.

I would like to thank you for checking out IM Graphic Designs and hope we can work with you soon.

Thanks, and please share this page with all of your friends.