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Custom Widgets by IM Graphic Designs

Get Your Premium Custom Widgets Here!

Need a custom widget for your blog, but don’t know where to turn. We have your solution.

Check out these Social Media Widgets we recently created:

Custom Widgets

Here are 2 Premium Social Media Widgets


Prices starting at $57 for a Social Media Widget

IM Graphic Design Widget Prices:

Basic Social Media Widget: $57

A basic Social Media Widget consists of a 1 color background and a stylized font with your text and a picture. Up to 3 click-able social media icons. This would make a great addition to your blog

Premium Social Media Widget: $67+

A Premium Social Media Widget consists of the same as a basic Social Media Widget, but with custom artwork and a multicolor gradient background created to your specifications and unlimited number of click-able social media icons. This is the most common Social Media Widget we sell. Basically we will create anything you want.

The price will depend on the difficulty of your design.

Special Order Custom Widgets: No set prices, contact us for details

All designs include 5 revisions.

To place an order fill out the contact form below.

When filling out the order form please put “Widget” in the subject line, select your Widget from the drop-down menu and give a short description of what you would like in the “Widget Description” text-area. We will reply to the email address you submit to get the full details of you order.

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We will respond promptly, usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for checking out IM Graphic Designs. We look forward to working with you.

Ian Belanger Owner/Head Designer at IM Graphic Design

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