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The Easy Way To Add an Author Box using Thesis 1.X

thesis theme

As we all know, Thesis Theme is great! Thesis 2.0 has really changed the way developers use it. In some cases, Thesis 2.0 makes it easier for the non-techie to customize their blogs, but it also has it's downfalls. For instance, if you want to upgrade to Thesis 2.0, you can't keep your Thesis 1.X design. It simply will not work with the new Thesis 2.0 framework. So, I plan to keep writing tutorials for all of the Thesis 1.X users out there. Let's get to it! Thesis 1.X Custom Author … [Read more...]

How School Kills Creativity

Creativity is something that comes easy to some and much harder to others. Watch this TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson to see why our education system worldwide, is not fostering our children's creativity the way it should. Make sure to watch the whole video, there is a real eye-opening story near the end. Please leave a comment and let me know if enjoyed this video as much as I did. … [Read more...]

Landons Corner | Landon’s Dune Buggy


Here is the second installment of Landon's Corner | Landon's Dune Buggy Landon wanted me to thank all of you who checked out his snowmobile in last weeks post. So Thank You! Now here is picture Landon drew in about 15 minutes. Remember, Landon is just 6 years old and the only help he has is a ruler and a circle stencil, that's it! He creates all of these drawings by himself and the only editing done by us, is cleaning up smudge marks that the scanner picks up. If you missed the last … [Read more...]

Easy Squeeze Pages with Thesis Theme

Step by Step Squeeze Pages using Thesis Theme Have you ever wondered how so many marketers create beautiful Squeeze Pages that look just like their normal blog, but with the navigation menu, sidebar and comments section missing? If you have, well I have to tell you that you have come to the right place. Of course you must have Thesis Theme. (Clicking the link will take you to the Thesis Theme sales page. It is an affiliate link and I will make a commission on any sale. Just thought you should … [Read more...]

Landon’s Corner | Did a 6 Year Old Really Draw That?


Landon's Corner Yes, a 6 year old did draw this, really. His name is Landon and he is the son of Jerrod, an artist here at IM Graphic Designs. This will be the first of many drawings we will be featuring, by Landon, in something I like to call Landon's Corner. As you can see, he is a very talented little boy and a future artist. You will notice that he likes to draw things with engines. Trucks, cars, snowmobiles, ATV's and such. He is very excited to have his drawings on a website … [Read more...]

IM Graphic Designs ReDesigns The Traffic Generation Cafe Blog

blog redesign tgc

IM Graphic Designs Blog Re-Design Service Here at IM Graphic Designs we do many things including eBook Covers, Headers, Widgets, Banner Ads, Opt-in Forms, Blogs and Websites, just to name a few. But our real passion, is doing Blog Re-Designs and today I wanted to tell you about our latest project. Ana Hoffman built TrafficGenerationCafe.com over a year ago and she has turned it into one the most popular blogs on the web. Her numbers speak for themselves, global alexa rank under 9,000 and a … [Read more...]

Introducing IM Graphic Designs

I would like to welcome you all to IM Graphic Designs This is our first post here IM Graphic Designs. First, I would like to welcome you all and to thank you for stopping by IM Graphic  Designs. Here at the IM Graphic Designs Blog we will be sharing some secrets on how to customize your blog and even create your own graphics. In order to help you as best we can, we would like to know what you would like us to write about. So please feel free to share what you would like us to write about, in … [Read more...]